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The Kids Cooking Network

The Kids Cooking Network Recipe Book is a great way to get your students engaged in a fun activity and learn about good nutrition. Empower your students to take an active role in what they eat and inspire them for a lifetime of healthy eating. This kid-friendly book will show you how you can have great tasting foods that are good for you too! 

We all know that eating well, getting exercise and rest are great ways to help kids grow up happy and healthy. Sharing food is a great way to make friendships and a perfect opportunity for collaborating and team building!

Besides the ingredients, all you need are: measuring cups, measuring spoons, plates, small mixing bowls, covered containers, mixing spoon, *blender (*only under Adult or Parent supervision) and a little help from a Teacher or Parent. Have fun and be safe. 

Feel free to print this book and share these recipes with your friends and family. 

Bon Appetite!