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Yo Re Mi

Yo Re Mi combines three enrichment classes - music, movement and mindfulness - into fun, engaging videos that enhances learning, encourages creativity and imagination, while promoting whole-child wellness.  The group works extensively throughout New York City schools and daycare centers. Its programs meet the Pre-K Foundations for the Common Core (PKFCC) standards.

Yo Re Mi’s short videos are perfect activities for transitions - before or after learning, between classes and lunch, or during choice time. Participation with certain videos may yield a calming or energizing energy, which can assist with classroom management. Physical Education teachers can introduce a basic yoga unit. Classroom teachers can string together a warm-up sequence, travel songs, and a relaxation sequence to help children create their own adventure!

"Yo Re Mi teachers provide a captivating program and have also become an integral part of our school community.  If you are looking for a curriculum based yoga and music program with a warm and energetic staff that engages the whole child, Yo Re Mi is for you!"

Kevin Artale - Owner and Executive Director, The Park Preschool