Top Interactive Kids Video: Operation Outer Space | A2L

Operation: Outer Space | Adventure to Fitness | (19:07)

Welcome Adventurers! Today we travel to outer space. The moon has been moved off its axis blocking the Sun and putting planet Earth into total darkness! Your mission is to help Mr. Marc find out what’s going on and to get the moon back in place! Be swift, be safe and be Adventurers! Be sure to download the classroom activity sheet on healthy foods or the word search to extend the lesson!

Adventure to Fitness

Adventure To Fitness is a series of interactive adventures that are streamed directly into the classroom as a physical activity supplement. Your kids will go on adventures around the world as they learn geography, history, science, math, health, nutrition, hygiene, safety and more…all while having a great time!  Each adventure comes with a Teacher and Parent Guides full of curriculum as well as games and activities to use while your kids after the adventure ends.

Mission: Inspiring kids to live healthier lifestyles through imagination, education and movement!

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