Elements of Storytelling | Wizard of Oz | Ch. 1 - Plot | (6:33) | A2L

Elements of Storytelling | Wizard of Oz | Ch. 1 - Plot | (6:33)

In this episode, Ms. Booksy introduces students to the elements of storytelling and the 5 parts to a plot - Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution. Pause the screen at the end for a class discussion on the main characters and action.

Cool School

Cool School is an award winning program that engages students in early literary skills, language arts and creative writing. In each episode, our host Ms. Booksy immerses students in a popular children's story while introducing, modeling and reinforcing the key elements of storytelling.

Why we love it - Cool School gets kids excited about reading and while engaging them with interactive questions to get them thinking "beyond the story". A great way to bring your students imaginations to life and inspire creative writing for elementary school learners.

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