Middle School Grades 6-8 | Ain’t Over Till the Fat Man Sings | (22:35) | A2L

Grossology | Ain’t Over Till the Fat Man Sings | (22:35)

When a disgraced opera star returns to the stage, he’s only singing one note – revenge!  But his new opera stylings aren’t music to anyone’s ears, unless super-powerful and destructive burps are your thing.  Now it’s up to Ty and Abby to get Lab Rat’s powerful new antacid into the opera star before he blows (burps) them away.  


Ty and Abby are a teen brother and sister crime-fighting team who report to the Bureau of Grossology, a secret government agency whose job is to investigate gross criminals, their gross crimes, and/or various gross phenomena. Follow the pair on adventures based on real scientific facts. Aided by their friend Lab Rat (a human scientist), their boss The Director, and their police liaison, The Detective, Ty and Abby work to keep the city safe, all while keeping their identities hidden.

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