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STEM Video for Kids | Magnetism | (4:00)

Edward helps Dawn discover an easy way to retrieve a lost magnet!


Need a fun, engaging way to introduce STEM to young learners? We love this interactive show that introduces elementary school students to the scientific process. Each episode includes a DIY classroom activity that is quick & easy and can be done with most basic classroom materials!

A fun, humorous & interactive short form STEM series that answer the “why”, questions all young scientists have! Each episode includes an easy classroom STEM project students can do as a reinforcement activity! Dawn, the pygmy Hippopotamus, and Edward the dog, explore their everyday environments and learn about the natural world around them. Dawn enthusiastically investigates anything, while Edward approaches the world more methodically – wanting to know what the result will be before they even start. 

Every episode features an interactive “Paws” moment, lead by Edward, where he pauses the action and asks the audience a direct question regarding today’s concept, which allows the students to predict how the situation will go.

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