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Mindfulness Videos for Kids | Mindfulness Burst | (6:39)

Through specific poses, students learn to be aware of their bodies and their emotions, A child's yoga practice is a rare opportunity to experience play and focus without worrying about being wrong.

Recommended grade level: K-8

Physical Focus: Strength, stamina, coordination, balance, body awareness, flexibility

Psychological Focus: Concentration, focus, relaxation, patience

Educational Alignment: Kinesthetic memory, listening, problem solving, self-regulation


Want to get your Ninja Warrior training on? Getting ready for a Spartan Race? Exercise bursts is the definitive approach to getting children active in the shortest amount of time. These live-action videos will engage kids in a fun way to provide physical activity across a number of genres: aerobic exercises, dance (contemporary hip-hop, West African, and step), martial arts, parkour, and yoga. Great for all grade levels!

Fitbound's goals are three fold:
1. Increase students fitness habits
2. Enhance their cognitive function on a daily basis
3. Create a cross-cultural bridge using exercise to promote unity and awareness

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