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Science Max | Solids, Liquids & Gases | (22:03)

Solids, liquids and gases are the three main states of matter.

Science Max

Welcome to Science Max, an exciting series of videos that turbocharges popular science experiments you can do right in the classroom!

Each video includes:

  • Introduction to fun table-top science experiments and demonstrate how you can do these right in the classroom (say the ol’ baking soda and vinegar volcano).
  • Illustrate and discuss the science behind each experiment
  • Show you the materials you will need and the steps to put it together.
  • Then for fun and comedic effect we “Max it out” and do the experiment SUPER SIZED! Basically, we attempt to reproduce the experiment on as large a scale as we can, staying as faithful to the original design as possible.   Much emphasis is put on the trial and error aspect of how to make the experiment bigger, when the host and build team fail the first few times it demonstrates true science as they progress through trial and error to come up with the best design.  
  • Great for a regular science class or science fair project ideas!

Why we love it:

At its core, Science Max is more than a show about science.  It’s about invention. It’s about the adventure of building and experimentation. A great way to kick off a science lesson or inspiring more kids to look at science class in a different light. Each video features fun little science facts, humorously reenacted moments of science history and wacky takes on the most mundane subjects.

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